Privacy at the Center.

Privacy is a fundamental human right. At Brief, it is not just one of our values, but rather the core value of our company. Getting a job is a process that requires you to expose yourself, and at Brief, we go extra deep on your work history and past experiences so that companies can learn your entire story.

We take that as an enormous responsibility, so we've designed our entire company, products & services from the ground-up to protect your private information and give you control over how it's used: privacy & discretion are in our DNA. It's not always easy, but it's what we believe in.

For us, there are three key components to ensuring we can maintain privacy & discretion. These include Accountability, Control & Security.

Built from the ground-up with privacy & discretion at the forefront

We operate in a people-based business, and the first protection for discretion is to hold everyone accountable.

Non-Disclosure. Everyone in our ecosystem (job seekers, hiring managers & recruiters) is asked to sign an agreement to not share a Brief or the contents of a Brief
Identity Verification. We make extra efforts to verify the identity of all of our participants, including building identify verification and fraud-protection tools.
Data Ownership. We retain data ownership at all times - up until an accepted job offer - enabling us to legally advocate for your privacy rights

We avoid ambiguity when it comes to who controls the data.

Visibility Preferences. Candidates can set specific preferences about their visibility, including approving or pre-approving all viewers
Viewing Data & Analytics. Job seekers are made aware of every view of their Brief, ensuring that any unauthorized activity can be seen and reported immediately
Easy Data Destruction. Job Seekers can terminate their video interview data at any point. You do not have to call us on the phone or send us multiple emails. We make data destruction easy.

Even with the best of intentions, we know that the worst privacy issues are when it's out of your control. We are extra mindful about protecting against security issues.

Data Segregation. We house different sensitive data sets, such as information from Work References, in separate databases, with high levels of encryption. With layered and disparate data warehouses, job seeker data is protected at the highest standard.
Red-Flag Shutdowns: When we see suspicious activity on a Brief, we don't wait. We immediately take it offline until we can verify with the job seeker that the activity is legitimate
Core Security. We maintain core security features including compliance with GDPR, ISO 27001 and SSO.