Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Brief for?
Director, VP, or C-level roles in product, marketing, sales, finance, operations or customer success. At this time, we are not focused on highly technical roles, although engineering managers may apply
How will my Brief be used?
We'll actively find roles that are a good fit for you and notify you about them. If you find them interesting, you can choose to share your Brief with those employers.
How do you protect my privacy?
Privacy & discretion is at the very core of what we do. The only people who should see your Brief are the ones that you specifically approve. Learn more about privacy here.
What can I expect in the interview process?
Your Brief curation is a 2-phased process: First, a survey to account for your preferences alongside a preliminary reference checks. Second, we will complete a Work History interview with supplemental reference checks. Past participants report that the process is highly collaborative and enjoyable.
What does it cost?
Our three phased process includes initial screens, a 2.5-3 hour Work History interview, 7-10 reference checks, and the creation of your Brief. The costs are either covered by a company or by us - candidates do not pay anything.
How are References Collected?
We collect short, digital references that take 7-12 minutes for supervisors or peers to fill out. References are asked about your strengths and your experiences working together. In order to ensure the trustworthiness of those references, you will not be able to see what is written.
How does Brief make money?
We make little to no money on the actual creation of a Brief. The only way we make money is if we find you a unique job opportunity, and we would make it from employers.