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Brief helps current & rising leaders to bring their unique story to companies and find the right fit.

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Supercharge your process.

Brief offers an entirely new way to apply for executive roles that helps you gain leverage in your search by capturing your unique story and making it easy for companies to learn about your experiences.

Interview once for multiple roles

A structured work history interview by our experienced team of interviewers allows you to present your entire professional history and achievements. Avoid arbitrary and repetitive interviews that miss your true value.

Bypass recruiters and go direct

Brief is only shared directly with the managers responsible for making hiring decisions, often a CEO. They can only see your full interview with your permission. Your Brief is yours to share. Always.

Find personalized advancement opportunities

Access a robust set of opportunities at high-growth startups to further your career. Put aside single applications with no accountability on the employer-side. We help you find the right fit, and keep you in the loop throughout the process.

Focus on Leadership Roles

Brief is focused on helping companies and job seekers for Director, VP and C-Level roles at Series A-C startups and new business lines in established companies.

Product & Engineering
Director, VP and C-Level Roles across Product, Product Marketing, Product Operations, Engineering
Revenue & Customer Facing
Director, VP and C-Level Roles across Marketing, Communications, Customer Success and Sales/BD
Company Operations
Director, VP and C-Level Roles across Operations, Finance, Human Resources and Customer Support

How Brief Works

Unlike typical executive search firms, our robust process surfaces your unique strengths, experiences and traits in a credible and transparent way. Hiring executives save time and get to know a complete picture of who you are before they meet you, so your time together can focus on cultural fit and more specific discussions about the role itself.


Share your career history and future preferences.



Add references from former supervisors and co-workers.



A highly structured remote interview process to tell your story.



Approve requests to access your Brief from amazing companies


I needed to find a remote position that is typically more difficult to find and with Brief, I found something that was a perfect fit quickly, and without spending countless hours searching. The interview process was a very pleasant experience, and I knew my references would strengthen my story.

Megan L.
Series A MarTech Startup
Brief Duration:
14 Days from Brief to Job Offer
Previous Positions:
Startup CFO; Director of FP&A

A single interview, multiple opportunities.

Our process focuses on building a highly robust Brief of your professional achievements and experiences that you can share directly with CEOs or C-level leaders, bypassing recruiters so you can tell your entire story to the one making the hiring decisions.

Tell your story, shape your career.

A structured work history interview by our experienced team ensures that you can present your entire professional history and achievements, all backed up by validated references. Avoid arbitrary and repetitive interviews that do not address your true value.

Senior roles for experienced professionals

We've built the entire process from the ground up for senior professionals looking for Director, VP or C-Level roles in Series A or later startups. We use your unique skills to place you in the right role at the right company.