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Make it easy for hiring managers to hear your story with Brief by bringing the interview to them.

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How does it work?

1. Apply to Brief

Tell us about yourself and what roles you are looking for. Brief is only for mid-career professionals working in tech & tech-adjacent industries

2. Deep Screen

An experienced interviewer will conduct a ~1-hour long screening interview with you to uncover stories of your work history and experience

3. Share Custom Briefs

Our AI will pick highlights from your screening interview and create a trailer-length highlight reel for you to share along with your resume

Frequently asked questions

What does this cost?

Assuming your are a qualified candidate and are accepted, the cost for a Brief only covers the time of the interviewer - just $100. This is an early-alpha price and is subject to change.

Who conducts the interview?

Our interviewers are experienced managers, often with SVP or C-Level titles who are either conducting interviews in their spare time or are currently working on projects or in roles that allow them to have flexibility in their schedule.

Will I get to see what is in the Brief?

Yes. You can always review your Brief before it is sent. However, you cannot manually edit it or make changes; you can only decide if you want to share it or not. Brief is not intended to be a biased advertisement for you, but rather valuable data about your experiences - and it is only trustworthy if it is a fair and accurate representation of the content of your interview

How can I keep my Brief private?

In order for the hiring manager to 'watch' your Brief, they must verify their identity and agree to not share it with anyone else. Only YOU can share your Brief with job opportunities that you are interested in.

Absolutely Superb!

I needed to find a remote position that is typically more difficult to find and with Brief, I found something that was a perfect fit quickly, and without spending countless hours searching. The interview process was a very pleasant experience, and I knew my references would strengthen my story.