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Brief lets job seekers share the stories behind their work experience directly with hiring managers.

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Hundreds of companies hire with Brief

Leverage your time. Shorten your process.

Skip the resume, screening phone call and early interview rounds by sharing your Brief. Companies will understand your experience and bring you in to elaborate on your experience and understand fit. It’s the way finding a new job should be.

It’s your data. And you are in control.

You will always be asked before your data is shared, you will always be able to see exactly what is being shared, and you will always know the specific person it is being shared with. Always.

Get the Details Upfront

In exchange for your Brief, companies share detailed role information such as salary range and who the role reports to - information that typically isn’t shared until later stages.

Absolutely Superb!

I needed to find a remote position that is typically more difficult to find and with Brief, I found something that was a perfect fit quickly, and without spending countless hours searching. The interview process was a very pleasant experience, and I knew my references would strengthen my story.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

When you sign up for Brief, you give us access to analyze & enhance your video interview data. Our AI tags the entire video to ensure that we can (i) remove all negative data (such as discussions of weaknesses or failures) and (ii) we can categorize all of your stories against what companies are hiring for.

We then match you to companies that are hiring and dynamically create a "Brief", which is a 3-6 minute highlight reel of your job interview to share directly with hiring companies. You get to view it and always retain full control.

Does this cost anything?

At the current time, Brief does not cost anything to candidates. In the future, we may add premium features such as the ability to gather your references, or to promote yourself to companies, and these may cost something.

What if I change my mind?

You can pause or delete your account at any point. Any "Briefs" that were created will immediately become unavailable, and your video interview will be suspended (if you pause account) or deleted (if you delete account).

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